Raising Money For Us

Raising Money For Us

Raising money for us

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If you are reading this then you are thinking about raising money for us - and we are incredibly grateful that you have chosen us. Our priority as a service always has to be the support of people who have experienced sexual violence which is why we don't do heaps of fundraising ourselves.

We think it is useful to both provide you with some information you can use in your fundraising and also share with you some of the things we've learned over the years.

Information About DRCSAS

This is what you can use for press releases or publicity material.

Devon Rape Crisis and Sexual Abuse Services (DRCSAS) is a free service offering confidential support and advocacy for survivors of rape, sexual assault, childhood sexual abuse, sexual harassment, female genital mutilation or any form of sexual violence. Our services include;

• Telephone helpline
• Email support
• Direct specialist support
• Group support
• Advocacy
• Practical support

DRCSAS also aims to campaign and raise awareness about sexual violence. We do this through working with statutory and voluntary agencies in Devon and through facilitating spaces for survivors’ voices to be heard.

Items You Could Specifically Raise Money For

• Cost of a 10 week group work programme which supports 10 women - £1,500
• Cost of training one volunteer - £1,000
• Cost of supporting one volunteer per year (training, expenses, supervision) - £500
• Cost of buying 4 books for our library - £100
• Cost of re-printing 1000 leaflets - £50
• Cost of supporting one service user for one hour - £33

If there is something in particular you'd like to fundraise for, please let us know.

How To Donate Once You've Raised Money

Full details can be found on our donation page.



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Important Information

• You can raise money for us online on either Givey or Justgiving.
Givey adds its charges onto each donation, whereas Justgiving takes its charges off donations. We are happy for you to use either platform.

• We are happy to offer some support with setting up a fundraising page. However we are a small team and our priority is supporting survivors, so we cannot offer ongoing support to fundraisers throughout their challenge. Please make sure you have plenty of support from friends and family before you start a fundraising challenge so you don't end up exhausted!

• If you are not using one of the online platforms but would like to raise money through an in-person event, please make it clear you are fundraising in order to donate to us rather than on behalf of us. This is because we have some hefty legal responsibilities as a registered charity and can only hold those for people who are a part of the organisation.

• When your fundraising is successful and you make a donation to us - we always provide an official letter of thanks which specifies how much you have raised. You can use this letter on your social media sites.

• We are also very happy to welcome fundraisers to meet us at the office for personal thanks (and photos if this works for you).

• If you get press coverage for your fundraising we are very happy to be contacted for a quote.


Thank you for supporting our organisation

Raising money helps us to support survivors of sexual violence in Devon and we truly appreciate every donation we receive.

Service User

I can sleep without fear (can't remember the last time I was too scared to sleep for nightmares, doesn't happen anymore!) - I have ways to manage my intrusive thoughts and I feel much less afraid.

Service User

Compared to when I first started sessions my mind set has changed and I am able to cope on my own.

Service User

Fantastic service- patient and attentive to needs. Have experienced counselling in the past and felt like I was being processed rather than respected as an individual.

Service User

Huge impact of nightmares almost completely going. I can cope with them now. I feel I have a future.

Service User

Made me feel safe. Shown that I have control of sessions. I have never had such fantastic support.

Service User

I have learnt how to manage my anger and anxiety.