Training For Organisations

Training For Organisations


Devon Rape Crisis & Sexual Abuse Services are pleased to offer specialist training to a wide range of professionals, statutory and voluntary sector workers as well as counsellors, therapists and front line practitioners.

All of the training is informed by our good working practice and many years’ experience providing specialist sexual violence services.

All of our trainers are professionally qualified and use a variety of training methods including small and large group activities and case study work. We are fully inclusive and actively encourage a safe training environment for questions and discussion.

Your feedback and evaluation is welcomed and used to shape our practice and future training events. Hand-outs and information plus other supporting material will be provided. For all training that is not accredited, a certificate of attendance will be issued to delegates for CPD purposes.

I thought this was an excellent session—very informative and thought-provoking.
Potentially the most useful training I have undertaken

Responding to Disclosures

Increase the skills, knowledge and confidence of staff and volunteers who are supporting people who have experienced sexual violence and abuse.

Dealing With Disclosures Infographic

The focus for this training is on sexual violence, sexual abuse and rape disclosures. In particular the difficulties for adults to disclose childhood sexual abuse as well as sexual assault, rape and sexual violence. The impacts of sexual violence, for example PTSD and attachment difficulties, as well as different roads to recovery.
The training allows plenty of room for discussion and questions as well as time for the participant’s confidence to grow along with their knowledge, awareness and resources.

The training aims to increase the skills, knowledge and confidence of staff and volunteers from statutory and third sector organisations who are supporting people who have experienced sexual violence and abuse.

The training objectives;
•To increase your knowledge about the incidence of sexual violence
•You will have a greater understanding of how the myths surrounding rape and sexual violence may impact on victims
•To increase your knowledge about the impacts of sexual violence on physical, mental and social wellbeing
•You will have a greater understanding of what specialist support is available, locally and nationally
•To increase your confidence in dealing with disclosures of sexual violence and abuse

Awareness and Prevention of Sexual Harassment in the workplace 

How to identify, respond to and prevent sexual harassment.

Harassment Infographic


Among women who have ever worked outside the home 41% have experienced sexual harassment in the workplace.

This specialist training is designed to support employers create a supportive workplace with a zero tolerance to sexual harassment.

This training is designed for policy makers and management.


The training objectives;

  • How to identify, respond to and prevent sexual harassment
  • Gain a better understanding the different forms of sexual harassment
  • Understanding how sexual harassment impacts on productivity and wellbeing of the organisation and staff
  • How to create a culture and respect between colleagues

Vicarious Trauma

Understand what vicarious trauma means, identify the impacts, explore the strategies that we already have and use and where we can improve.

Self Care Infographic

Vicarious trauma occurs when we are exposed to difficult or disturbing information, for example when supporting trauma survivors.

This training is designed to support organisations and work forces to look after themselves and each other.

This course is suitable for all staff and volunteers who work with survivors of traumatic incidents or are exposed to material relating to trauma.

The training objectives;

• To gain an understanding of vicarious trauma and how and why it might impact on us
• To look at the potential effects of vicarious trauma
• To consider our own potential risk factors
• To develop strategies for taking care of ourselves and reducing the impact of and potential for vicarious trauma

Bespoke Training Packages

We are able to build bespoke training packages for organisations in order to meet your training needs. The training packages provided range from a full day of themed specialist topics or a 30 minute slot at your next Team Meeting discussing the services and support we offer in Devon.

We have expertise and extensive knowledge in first disclosures, trauma based models of support and therapy, exploring good practice and sharing tools and resources.

To talk about your individual training needs please contact us for more information.

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