Our Feminist Leadership Pledge

We are leading on feminism through our vision and mission;


Working towards a world without sexual violence


To work with survivors of sexual violence to provide safe spaces where they are supported and believed, through advocacy, listening, counselling and solidarity.

To campaign for transformational change in societal attitudes and institutional responses to sexual violence, through research, education and training.

Our feminist leadership works towards creating systematic justice by dismantling the patriarchy and patriarchal systems and structures that underpin sexual violence and inequity.

This is demonstrated by

  • Fostering communities to enable a zero tolerance to violence, oppression and discrimination
  • Proactively implementing anti-racist practice
  • Living our values through courage
  • Remaining committed to being a women led organisation
  • Supporting each other in solidarity
  • Working with women from other sectors
  • Valuing all forms of activism
  • Proactively responding to people through an intersectional lens

Our style of leadership as feminists….

  • Models a flexible, adaptable and responsive approach to the sustainability of our organisation and environment
  • Leading to enable all survivors of sexual violence to access support
  • Is self-aware; by challenging egos through the creation of spaces which are kind, empathetic and human
  • Rewards and recognises other women
  • Works hard to build trust, confidence and promote a healthy culture
  • Enables others by leading in ways that build power with them not over them
  • Harnesses strengths;  valuing skills, experience and expertise