E-Mail Support

E-Mail Support

Email Support, 5 different women emailing

Email Support - support@devonrapecrisis.org.uk 

Our email support service is anonymous, we have special software which removes your email address before we receive it. We do not know your name or your email address.

The email address support@devonrapecrisis.org.uk is a dedicated support address that we only use for this purpose.

Your email will be answered within 7 days by one of our specially trained female volunteers. Your email will not be answered by the same woman each time, however if your email to us is not your first one, we will be able to see the whole "thread" of the conversation (which has been anonymised by our system) so even if you get a different volunteer responding, you will not have to go back to the beginning each time.

The email service is here to help you explore your thoughts, feelings and what options you might have. We can give you information about those options, but we will never tell you what you should do. We will support you to decide for yourself, what is right for you as an individual.

"I liked that it was anonymous and I could say how I felt openly."

Who Can E-Mail?

Anyone living in Devon aged 13 and over who has experienced rape, childhood sexual abuse, sexual assault or female genital mutilation, recently or in the past - no matter how long ago it happened.

Partners, family and friends of people who have been raped or sexually abused or assaulted can also email.


Generally we will not know anything identifying about you from emails you send to us. If you choose to give us information that identifies you and later we are made aware by you of a risk to a child or adult at risk (including yourself) then we have a clear responsibility to take appropriate safeguarding action.

We are registered with the Information Commissioner to ensure we store and use information responsibly.

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