Changes to DRCSAS Support Services

Devon Rape Crisis and Sexual Abuse Services is undergoing changes to improve its support services for survivors of sexual violence in Devon and Torbay. The charity has a new Chief Executive, Dr. Davina Cull, and Head of Service Delivery, Joss Leicester, who are leading efforts to evolve the service model.

The current model provides a fixed number of support sessions, resulting in a waiting list of around 400 adults and children. With reduced funding, this list is growing daily with some survivors waiting up to 18 months for support. The new fluid service model will offer more choice through advocacy, peer support, group work, and trauma stabilization. This aims to provide more immediate and tailored support based on individual needs.

Key aspects that will remain the same include confidential and trauma-informed support for all forms of sexual violence/abuse, counselling and EMDR for adults and children, the support helpline (Monday/Wednesday/Friday 1800-2100 at 01392 204174), and email support.

Over the next couple of months, the charity will reconnect with survivors to provide updates, explain what support is currently available and wait times, share information about new group events, discuss next steps for establishing personalized support plans, and get input to shape services to meet 2024 needs.

The changes are focused on evolving the model to be more responsive to individual needs now and into the future. The charity remains dedicated to supporting survivors through this transition and delivering the best possible care.