Direct Support

Direct Support

Direct support sessions are regular specialist therapeutic sessions held at our bases in Exeter, Torbay and Barnstaple.

Our model of support is very much survivor centred. You are the expert in your own life and you will make decisions about how you would like your sessions to go, with the help and guidance of the woman who will be supporting you.

You will never be pressured into talking about anything you don't want to and the sessions will always go at your pace.

All of our workers are very skilled in working with trauma and helping with specific symptoms such as flashbacks, panic attacks and nightmares.

We can also support you in other situations as advocates, maybe you need some support in getting help from another organisation or agency.

We can also provide practical support, such as accompanying you to appointments e.g. the sexual health clinic, dentist, GP etc.

Direct support is available for survivors of sexual abuse aged 13 and over, for more details please see our who do we support page.

“Made me feel positive about the future being able to control my thoughts and emotions than them controlling me. I was skeptical at first wondering if it would work but I am amazed at the results. Would definitely recommend to anyone.”


During your specialist face to face support sessions, you may be concerned about what you are going to say and whether what you say is going to be told to anyone else. Anything that is talked about in your session is confidential within the organisation and will not be shared with anyone external without your permission.

The only times when confidentiality may be broken are:

• If you tell us that a child or an adult is at risk of harm.

• When there is a serious risk of harm to yourself.

• When there is a court order or other legal requirements.

If it is felt that confidentiality needs to be broken, we will try and discuss this with you first.


There are three ways you can refer yourself for direct support:

Please visit our online referral page.

Office line (01392 208 756) – Monday to Friday  9am to 5pm

Helpline (01392 204174) – Monday, Wednesday & Friday evening 6pm to 9pm