Devon Rape Crisis and Sexual Abuse Services

We offer confidential, professional support to survivors of rape, sexual assault and childhood sexual abuse in Devon.

It doesn’t matter if the abuse took place yesterday or twenty years ago, we are here to help. We are excellent listeners and we will always believe you.

We provide specialist support online, in person or by phone. Alongside this we can also give unbiased information on what your options and rights are and can help you make an informed decision about your next steps.

Phone our helpline

Our confidential and anonymous helpline and email support services are available on Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 6pm to 9pm.

Call us on 01392 204174 or email support@devonrapecrisis.org.uk.

If you call outside these times you can leave a message, your name and a safe contact number and we will call you back in the next helpline session.

Or you can call the 24/7 Rape and Sexual Abuse Support Line on 0808 500 2222 at any time.

Or you can use their online chat facility – just click here.

Access Support

You can refer yourself into our services, or someone you know. To find out more click the button below.


Our Services

Telephone helpline, anonymous e-mail and direct support, EMDR and Group Work.


How We Can Help

Confidential, professional support to survivors of rape, sexual assault and childhood sexual abuse in Devon.

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We believe nobody should have to cope with rape or sexual abuse alone.

Our support is for all survivors of rape, sexual violence and/or sexual abuse aged 13 and over. We also offer support to the families, friends and partners of those affected by sexual violence.

What our service users say?

Service User

Offering me a place to talk and work through things that I feel are holding me back from a happier, healthier life.

Service User

Feeling less frightened and more independent.

Service User

I didn't even realise how much stronger I was actually capable of being and how insecure I had felt, how much blame and criticism I was putting on myself.

COVID-19 update – December 2021

We are now offering some specialist support sessions in person, and the rest online or by phone. Please be assured that we have taken all reasonable steps to ensure the rooms we are using adhere to health guidance, which we continue to monitor. The safety of our service users, staff and volunteers is our top priority and we are doing all we can to continue providing services to all.

Need To Talk?

For support on the phone, or to arrange direct support, you can call our helpline on 01392 204 174, Mon, Wed & Fri or e-mail support@devonrapecrisis.org.uk