What To Expect

What To Expect

What To Expect At Every Stage

Referral update

Devon Rape Crisis and Sexual Abuse Services have taken the incredibly difficult decision to implement a temporary pause on taking new referrals for specialist support, therapy and EMDR from the 4th of March 2024 for three months. This is as a result of the charity continuing to see increased demand for support over and above our capacity. We will continue to support the hundreds of people we are currently supporting and those already on our waiting list during this time. Whilst this pause is in place we will continue to work hard to implement our new service transformation plan which we hope will broaden our support offer and assist with demand going forward. We want to remind everyone that our helpline remains open and can be accessed on 01392 204174 between 1800 and 2100 on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Our email service continues to run as normal which can be accessed via support@devonrapecrisis.org.uk. We will be keeping our website and social media channels updated and will provide more information when these waiting lists will open again for new referrals.

Initial Assessment

An Initial Assessment is a meeting that gives you the opportunity to find out more about our services and the sort of support we can offer, and helps us ensure we are the most appropriate service to be working with you.

it will take place online or on the phone (you can choose which you prefer), and lasts for up to an hour.

During the assessment we focus on how things are for you currently. There is no need, or expectation, for you to talk in any detail about what has happened to you.  We appreciate how anxiety provoking a meeting like this can be, and our aim is always to make this experience as comfortable and safe for you as we possibly can.

Here is what some of our current Service Users say about their initial assessment:“The person that I spoke to was very patient, understanding and helpful.”“Really kind and thoughtful. So supportive.” “Very good, felt like I was in safe hands.” If you meet our criteria we will add you to our waiting list to receive direct support.

Waiting List

Like most services we do have a waiting list and we’re sorry to say that it can be lengthy.

But we do try to support you while you are on our waiting list. You have the option of receiving a call from us approximately every 6 weeks. These calls are a safe space to discuss what is going on for you whilst you’re waiting for regular direct support.

These calls are completely optional and you can choose to start or stop receiving them at any time while you’re on the waiting list.

You can also opt in to a women’s trauma skills group while you wait, where you will learn how the body and brain reacts to a traumatic event, and why it can lead to things like panic attacks and nightmares. We’ll teach you some tips on how to deal with those and talk about the effects of sexual violence and trauma. You won’t have to say anything about what happened to you.

Direct Support

Direct support sessions are regular one to one support meetings held either online, by phone or at one of our bases in Exeter, Torbay and Barnstaple. You can choose whichever works for you.

Sessions are weekly, held at the same time and with the same specialist support worker. Every direct support session is led by you, putting you in control of what is discussed.

If you choose in-person support, our rooms are comfortable and thoughtfully designed to create a warm and safe space to explore your thoughts and feelings.

We have learned since the Covid-19 pandemic that online and telephone sessions are also extremely effective, and our specialist support workers are very skilled at working remotely. You may prefer to be in a place that’s familiar to you, you may not want to or be able to travel, or you may just be short of time – for all these reasons we know that remote sessions can work really well for some people.