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Isca College of Media & Arts held a two night production of Mulan on the 4th and 5th July. Devon Rape Crisis Service were there to raise money and awareness.


St Sidwells Volunteer Fair Fun Day took place on Saturday 16th June 2012. Devon Rape Crisis held a stall at the St Sidwells Community Centre which helped raise awareness about our services and volunteering opportunities.



Devon Rape Crisis Service was pleased to be invited to speak at the Reclaim the Night March organised by the Gender Equality Society at Exeter University on 10th June 2012. These marches have a long history in both the UK and other parts of the world and are dedicated to highlighting the horrific levels of sexual violence perpetrated against women.
They are a statement of women's rights to live without fear and to receive justice. Another event is planned in Exeter City Centre in November.
Here are some pictures of the Reclaim the Night March on Sunday 10th June 2012 which Devon Rape Crisis Service was involved in.
Reclaim the NightReclaim the NightReclaim the NightReclaim the NightReclaim the NightReclaim the Night

On Sunday 27th May 2012, Devon Rape Crisis Service held it's first Awayday for the whole organisation. Volunteers, Staff, Trustees and Patrons gathered at the City Gate Hotel in Exeter to work together on the development of the strategic plan.

Values were re-visited, our sucessess so far were celebrated and we started to hone the aims and objectives for Devon Rape Crisis Service for the next 5 years.

It was a lovely and positive day and was the first Awayday in what are planned to be six monthly events.

Awayday - The City Gate Hotel

Awayday - The City Gate Hotel

Awayday - The City Gate Hotel

Devon Rape Crisis Service is looking for female volunteers in Devon to support women who have experienced rape or sexual violence at any time in their lives. All volunteers provide support on the telephone helpline which is based in Exeter and those who want to can also carry out face to face support at selected venues around Devon. We welcome applications from women who are disabled, from all ethnic backgrounds, lesbians and bisexuals and of all ages.


All volunteers will carry out training in Understanding and Working with Sexual Violence which is accredited by the Open College Network. The training will run on Tuesday evenings during September and October in central Exeter plus there is a residential weekend at the end of September. Deadline for applications is 22nd June 2012


If you are interested or would like more information, please contact Anna, the Volunteer Co-ordinator on 01392 208756 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

This new report shows that in many parts of the country, services for women who have experienced violence are chronically under-funded or simply do not exist. Women shouldn't be subjected to this postcode lottery.

This is a call to action for everybody who cares about this issue, and a firm reminder for those in local and national government with the power to make a difference. Urgent effort must be made to provide funding and support to ensure that all women can get help whenever they need it and wherever they live.

Please use the following link to view the Map of Gaps 2 Report.

Devon Rape Crisis Service (DRCS), based in Exeter, is seeking new members to join its Board of Trustees.

Devon Rape Crisis Service is a specialist support service for women and girls living in Devon who have experienced any form of sexual violence, recently or in the past.

Not either/or but both/and: Why we need Rape Crisis Centres and Sexual Assault Referral Centres

The development of provision for victims-survivors of sexual assault has historically been piecemeal and locally specific.

Rape Crisis Centres (RCCs) and, more recently, Sexual Assault Referral Centres (SARCs), have been established in certain parts of the UK but there is a lack of uniformity.

There is currently confusion at the political and policy levels in understanding the role each type of service plays in supporting victims-survivors and in terms of which is most actively promoted. It would even appear that the government is an exponent of SARCs whilst the opposition supports RCCs.

This briefing shows that both RCCs and SARCs are vital for survivors and delivery of policy targets: this is not a case of either/or but both/and.

Read Why we need Rape Crisis Centres and Sexual Assault Referral Centres

Devon Rape Crisis Service was officially launched by Totnes Tory MP Sarah Wollaston on Monday, November 28.

Anne Walker MBE, Moira MacDonald, Anna, Fee Scott, Carly Macnamara & Linda Regan

Debo Sellis & Fee Scott

Saxon Spence, Debo Sellis, John Hart & Sarah Wollaston

Lee Weeks Patron Speech

Lee Weeks, Heather Barnes & Sarah Wollaston

Rape and sex abuse victims will be given the support they need when the county's first rape crisis centre is launched.

Devon Rape Crisis Services has set up the centre to provide support services for sex crime victims, thanks to Government funding.

The new service will be officially opened by Totnes Tory MP Sarah Wollaston on Monday, November 28.

She has been a key figure who pushed for central Government money and successfully lobbied the Ministry of Justice for financial support.

The new service will provide a confidential and anonymous telephone helpline and face-to-face support. There will also be support for partners, friends or relatives.


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"I feel like I have a much calmer outlook in how I deal with difficult emotions. It has given me space to process my experiences safely."

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"It helped me move forward. I have been able to leave my house and go out. I can now do things I never thought I would be able to do again."

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"Helped to make sense of things and re-assurance that just because he was found not guilty doesn't mean it didn't happen."

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