Group Work

Group Work

Our current group work programme is called Venus Rising – a name chosen by women who attended the first group.

Who Can Join The Group?

The group work we deliver is for women who have experienced rape, assault or childhood sexual abuse.

You can discuss whether group work is the best option for you at your initial assessment meeting with one of our team. We offer either group work or individual support.

What Is The Purpose of The Group?

Venus Rising is designed to provide women with trauma resilience skills – making it easier to live with the impacts of trauma.

We prioritise dealing with the here and now and don’t encourage women to share their stories in detail. You will never be asked to talk about what happened to you.

“Coming to this group has allowed me to stop blaming myself for what happened and to understand why I feel/act the way I do”

What Happens In The Group?

We teach skills of stabilisation, safety, grounding and coping. We aim to give women tools to deal with trauma. The topics we cover include:

• brain and body
• flashbacks
• nightmares and sleep issues
• shame
• trust
• relationships
• self-confidence
• panic attacks
• boundaries

We work in different ways in the group, using: video, hand-outs, group discussions, individual exercises and creative tasks.

How Safe Is The Group?

We are very careful to create a safe and inclusive atmosphere in the group. We don’t rush into anything and no one will ever have to do anything that makes them feel uncomfortable. We explain what we are going to do as we go along so there are no surprises. Of course, strong emotions can come up and we welcome women in all their humanness and want them to feel safe enough to express what they need to. We always have two facilitators in the group so if anyone needs some time out or to discuss something particular that comes up, this can be accommodated.

Whilst intense at times, the group is often full of laughter and the overwhelming atmosphere is of hope and moving forward. Working alongside others in a safe environment can be an enlightening and powerful experience and we encourage women to contact us and discuss if it might be the right thing for them.