Sandhya Dave Specialist Support Worker

Sandhya Dave
Specialist Support Worker


I am delighted (to finally) join DRCSAS! I have always admired all the amazing work and people within this organisation and thought yes, I would love to go and work with them!
I have been working in private practice for the last 22 years as a Body Psychotherapist using both Shiatsu body work and Gestalt Psychotherapy. I also have worked on a mental health ward for 7 years running a Shiatsu well being clinic. I also regularly run workshops teaching resilience building skills in the community & teach Mindfulness to young people. My work approach has a strong emphasis on meditational enquiry and body orientated awareness practice.
For 2 days a week I work for an education charity, The Global Centre, as a Diversity Consultant and trainer, teaching regularly in schools, organisations & the community about diversity work and anti-racism practice. Part of my work trains, mentors & empowers adults & young people from BAME backgrounds.
I speak 2 other languages, Gujerati and Hindi and really enjoy bringing in a different cultural, Indian, perspective to all my work. I enjoy being outdoors, meditating, dancing and eating yummy food!
I feel honoured and privileged to be welcomed in as part of the DRCSAS team which recognises the disadvantages that women face on a day to day basis, both locally and globally.
I look forward to walking alongside many as they journey a path to recovery, reconnection & self empowerment.