Mandy Barnes Volunteer & Training Manager

Mandy Barnes
Volunteer & Training Manager

Mandy, Training and Volunteer Manager

Hi my name is Mandy Barnes and I am the Volunteer and Training Manager at DRCSAS. A new and exciting post from August 2016 which will allow us to develop our volunteer base and extend our specialist training to other agencies and organisations.
I have worked in Cornwall for the last 10 years at a sister organisation where I received extensive training, experience and knowledge working firstly as a volunteer and then a training co-ordinator, outreach worker and service manager. I am a feminist and a passionate campaigner/activist with a commitment to raising awareness of the impact of sexual violence and abuse. I believe that sexual violence and abuse is both a cause and consequence of gender inequality.
I also believe in the power of community and volunteers – volunteers bring the human touch, an individual and caring approach. As a volunteer the greatest gifts you can give is your time, compassion and energy.