Helen Seaton-Burn Specialist Support Worker

Helen Seaton-Burn
Specialist Support Worker

Helen SB

Hi, my name’s Helen and I feel privileged to be one of the specialist support workers at DRCSAS, working with women and men who have experienced sexual abuse and violence.
My professional background is in teaching and counselling, having worked for the NHS and agencies in Devon supporting adults and young people experiencing a wide range of psychological distress. I have a strong interest in the debilitating effect trauma can have on our lives and a belief in the capacity of the mind and body to heal given the right support. I’m aware it can take a lot of courage to seek help and to dare to believe that recovery and change might be possible.
Nobody deserves to be the victim of sexual abuse and it can be a challenging process to start addressing the shame and secrecy that can happen as a result. I seek to offer a safe place where survivors can feel free to talk, knowing that they will always be believed and treated with the respect they deserve.
I’m proud to be part of such a valuable organisation that plays its part in tackling inequality and injustice and changing lives.