Caroline Voaden CEO

Caroline Voaden

I’m honoured to lead Devon Rape Crisis and Sexual Abuse Services as its CEO, being part of an organisation that works with passion and integrity to support anyone who has experienced sexual violence and to address the issues that surround it.
I have seen the trauma and damage that can result from such violence, and am proud to be able to bring my professional skills to lead a committed team who are working to make a real difference in people’s lives.
My background is varied, including journalism, editing, charity work and campaigning. I ran a national charity that supports young, widowed women and men after being widowed at 34, and I was one of the UK’s last elected Members of the European Parliament in 2019-20.
I have been a writer, campaigner, fundraiser and manager and I bring a range of skills to the role from outside the women’s sector. With a fresh perspective I hope to build on the remarkable work that Devon Rape Crisis and Sexual Abuse Services has done since 2011 and develop the organisation for the future.