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"There are some amazing campaigns around at the moment focused on sexism in the media - not just 'innocuous', everyday sexism, but big, contemptuous sexism that builds and stokes lies about women. Sexism that presents images of women naked and objectified across the pages of the national press day after day, sexism that propagates that myths about women who 'ask for it', sexism that belittles women and their achievements and elevates the status of men. These everyday acts of contempt and humiliation affect the thoughts and feelings of everyone in our society and as a consequence, affect the lives of all women.

Most people who resist sexism in the media will at some point be told that they need to "chill out" and "develop a sense of humour". Indeed, what is the harm in a little bare flesh - unless of course you're a prude? A piece of amazing irony happened around one of the recent campaigns - it would be called delicious irony if it wasn't so harmful..... A campaign, led by Object made a six foot tall birthday card for the Sun newspaper to commemorate the 42nd birthday of page 3. On one half of the card were images taken from the paper of men, and on the other were images of women as they had appeared in the paper. The difference between the two?

Overwhelmingly, the men had clothes on and the women didn't (no, of course you're not surprised). The campaign organisers put the giant card up on their facebook page but it was taken down because it violated their code on explicit images! Similar material was presented to the Levenson Inquiry earlier in the year but this was censored because of its offensive nature! Ironic, illogical, bizarre..... but then of course, that's exactly what sexism is and why we need to keep drawing attention to it.

To read more about the issues - and to get hold of a wider report on sexism in the media called 'Just the Women', go to



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