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"We're about to end the financial year and the reporting year, so the pressure is on in the office to make sure we end in the place we need to. There is a huge amount to consider; getting all invoices paid, processing volunteer travel claims and making sure our montoring data is inputted. Being up to date is crucial so that we are quick off the block to get our accounts to the auditor and also so we can analyse the information gathered on our work to inform the evaluation reports we need to write for funders.

There are a lot of these this year, and, whilst they take a lot of time and effort from the whole team, I am grateful to see how many are on the 'to do' list. Because this is evidence of just how much support we have received over the year. Funders have included the Public Health teams in Devon and Torbay, The Police and Crime Commissioner, Exeter Board, The Dulverton Trust, Fawcett Devon, Trusthouse Charitable Trust, Safer Communities Torbay and the Southwest Foundation. Now, all of these monies are for one year only, and none are for huge amounts of money, but we are grateful for every organisation that has engaged with us, listened to the needs of women in Devon, supported what we do and entrusted us with public and private money. The hours spent on individual evaluation reports are our part of the bargain and we're happy to provide as much information as we can. We're also very pleased that we have such a clever database to work with, which is making our lives much easier. It is a bizarre but true fact that if you were to walk into the office any day of the week, the most likely conversation you would catch us having would be about the benefits of DPMS! (thank you to Rape Crisis England and Wales for putting so much work into getting this right).

So we're all feeling pretty positive about the future. Sure, we would like more certainty, more stability, more longer-term commissioning but we just trust this will happen in good time. And, as long as we have volunteers like Catriona, who shaved all her hair off and raised £620 for us - we're not doing too bad......."


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"I think EMDR has allowed me to process things far more than I was expecting, it was more effective than I was anticipating and I was surprised at how much different I felt after having it."

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"DRCSAS has made a massive difference, I feel I have found myself – no longer just focused on what happened to me. I deal with things so much better and have a positive outlook on life that wouldn't have happened without DRCSAS."

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"I feel positive about the future, being able to control my thoughts and emotions rather than them controlling me. I was sceptical at first wondering if it would work but I am amazed at the results. Would definitely recommend to anyone"

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