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A member of our team is planning to raise money by running in the London Marathon next year.  Devon Rape Crisis and Sexual Abuse Services were lucky enough to win a place via the charity ballot and set out to find the right person to represent them. They didn’t have to look far. One of our Specialist Support Workers, Beverley Flavell, has run several half marathon’s and had always wanted to run in the London Marathon.

“I have now worked for the organisation for two and a half years and it is a complete pleasure. The small team are lovely, dedicated, and encouraging, and the amazing volunteers ensure the helpline and email service continues to provide a professional supportive service to all the people that contact us. They all work so very hard to enable women to recover, heal and move on in their lives after experiencing sometimes horrific trauma and sexual violence."

Fee Scott, the charity’s Chief Executive Officer said, “We are so pleased to have found the right person to run on our behalf, right here in the office.  We’ve set ourselves an ambitious funding target of £10,000 but we’d be really happy to over-achieve!  Sadly, our services are in great demand and we would like to expand and develop what we offer so that more women and young men can access the support they need”.

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"I feel like I have a much calmer outlook in how I deal with difficult emotions. It has given me space to process my experiences safely."

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"It helped me move forward. I have been able to leave my house and go out. I can now do things I never thought I would be able to do again."

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"Helped to make sense of things and re-assurance that just because he was found not guilty doesn't mean it didn't happen."

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